Update Page Icons in DNN 9 via Action Forms
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Update Page Icons in DNN 9 via Action Forms

Download Action Forms template to update Page Icon files

DNN 9 removed Page and Module Icon options but the settings still exist. Here is a template file for Action forms that will allow for easy updating of icon files.


  1. Download the template file
  2. Install Action Forms modle if you have not yet on the site you wish to udpate icons on
  3. Hover over the gear (settings) icon of Action forms module and select Import

How to Use:

  1. Find page (TabID) of the page you wish to update Page Icon file
    - You can use the HTML module and put in the token [Tab:TabID] to render the ID on the page. Set module to visible by Admins only and apply to all pages
    - You will need to go to the Module Settings > Other Settings and check the box "Replace Tokens" to get the token listed above to render
  2. Enter in ID number and select file you wish to upload for the icon file.
  3. HIt Submit buton
  4. Clear your cache and then refresh page and icon will show up where you might be using it.

SQL Scripts for Page Icon

Update Tabs Set IconFile = '~/portals/0/images/IMAGENAME.jpg' WHERE TabID = TabId

NOTE: replace the image path with the file you want to add as the page Icon

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