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Evoq Content / DNN 

DotNetNuke also known as DNN is an easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System). The simple yet powerful page editing tools let end users modify website content without IT support. Now the professional edition goes by Evoq Content, but don't be fooled, its still DNN.

DNN / Evoq Content Management

Most businesses, whether its daily, weekly or monthly, have some need to be able to update content on their website. DotNetNuke makes this easy. Users granted with administrator access to a DNN website have the ability to easy update content, add pages, create users, add user roles, and much more right through any web browser. There is no special software needed, just a computer with an internet connection and a DNN site administrator can update a DotNetNuke website from anywhere in the world. Whether your business has periodic upcoming events, a need for posting press releases, blogs or any type of content often or occasionally, DNN saves the hassle of having to rely on a web developer to update content, instead giving your business the ultimate control. It’s not secret, the easy-to-use DNN page editing tools built right into your DoteNetNuke website make managing a website easy.

Driven by

DNN is powered by microsoft’s web application framework called Back in 2002, just shortly before DotNetNuke was created, micrsofot relased with the intention of providing web developers and programmers the framework to build dynamically driven websites. Well it worked, over 8 years later, DotNetNuke is now approaching version 6 and continues to grow widely across the entire world.

User Security Roles, Protected Content and Role management
One of DotNetNukes strong points is user role security and management. Within a DNN website, the site administrator(s) can easily control what users have access to each piece of content. The DNN website administrator can create various user role groups and role types, control what user roles can view what content and protect pages, modules, articles of text based on the users role. With DotNetNuke you can grant rights to an entire website, single or mutliple pages or even down to a specific type of content on a given page. Whether a DNN website has two types of users or over a hundred, its easy to control users access to each piece of content on your DotNetNuke website. With DNN, you can create both free and paid user role types and manage subscriptions to all DNN portals as needed. Take full control over your DNN website users and personalize and display the most relevant content to every user who visits your DotNetNuke website.

DNN Module / Theme Extensibility

The DotNetNuke CMS or possibly better referred to as the DNN application framework features an open API. The modularity of DNN allows for web developers to easy develop and customize the DNN application framework through the development of modules and skins. Through modules, developers can easily add to the functionality of DNN lending to limitless possibilities. Through custom DNN skins, developers can completely customize the appearance to fit any business needs.

DotNetNuke Community

One of the strongest backings for DotNetNuke is the community that surrounds it. With over 8,000 available 3rd party applications developed by the DNN community, there is a plethora of pluggable applications that are not only extremely affordable, but can bring a web site to an entirely new level. Regardless, even if a business has a very specific need, the extensibility of DNN allows for developers to create nearly any type of web site application your business can envision.


Many businesses needs change daily, weekly, monthly or yearly so the ability to continually grow a website over time generally fits just about every business. With a DotNetNuke the growth is limitless. The DNN application framework supports unlimited number of pages and an unlimited number of portals (websites) per DNN installation. Never be constricted by your website framework again.