Dustin Peterson [ DNN Guru :: Consultant :: Problem Solver ]

a more than honest guy often working / taking care of his clients, friends and family more than himself

Throughout your life you will be asked over and over again; what do you do? Whether it’s your friend’s friend or the guy sitting next to you on the airplane, the answer seems simple.

I am a web designer.
But yet, that is not all I do.

I am a Dot Net Nuke Expert.
I am a Graphic Designer.
I am a problem solver.
I am a perfectionist.
I am a soccer player.
I am a computer guru.
I am a kayaker.
I am your print and web solution expert.
That I know.
But what am I everyday, day in and day out;

Not a normal student though because I am my teacher.

From before I can remember,
I had the passion to excel,
the passion to succeed,
the passion to learn…
the passion for KNOWLEDGE.

In the world of web design and computers,
you must problem solve,
you must learn,
you must grow.

I am a student,
a student of the constantly changing web, design and marketing world;
teaching myself new things each and every day.
To ensure my clients get the best solutions for their needs.
No clients the same.

With a BA in Graphic Design,
I have the expertise in design;
something unfamiliar to most web programmers.
I have an analytical mind.
Bringing design and the web together as one.
Functional and aesthetically pleasing web solutions targeted towards your clients.
I want your business to succeed as much as I do mine.

I am unique, unique in what I do.